Solar hot water engineering design, the use of taboo (accessories)

Update Time:2017/10/28
Circulation pump can not be too small
        In the joint pipe hot water system, the circulating pump flow and head are slightly larger than the calculation, to ensure the normal operation of the temperature cycle, to avoid water in the cycle. The collector water temperature is high, not down, resulting in temperature cycle can not stop. This will cause the heat of the book heat can not reach the water tank, the efficiency is reduced, so the circulation pump should not be small.
 System plus check valve
       System design in accordance with the direction of the system water flow to install a one-way valve to prevent the water back and the user mixing valve failure, cold water along the hot water pipe rise, resulting in the system failure of the illusion.
 Principle of equivalence
     This is the basic principles of pipeline design, the purpose is to ensure that the resistance of the pipeline to ensure consistency of the system cycle, flow balance, so that the maximum efficiency of thermal efficiency.
 Pipe matching
      Design process, we must calculate the pipe diameter, too fine piping will increase the system resistance, reduce the circulating flow, water pipe flow can not meet the user requirements, so the diameter must match.
Pump selection
     Whether the system is a circulating pump or booster pump, should choose a good quality hot water pumps, such as Grundfos or Ville pumps.
Pipeline cycle temperature setting
     Some hot water system has a pipeline circulation function, this time must pay attention to the pipeline to stop the temperature is lower than the actual temperature inside the tank about 10 ℃. The temperature is too close to the two or the pipeline to stop the temperature is higher than the actual temperature of the tank, which will cause the circulating pump to work long and stop.
Electric band power matching
      If the use of electric heating antifreeze, it is necessary to design a good length of the electric cable, the number of, to avoid too long heating, power is too large.
     Combined with the design of the hot water system should be used in the design of the exhaust valve, generally in the joint pipe inlet and outlet side of the installation of an exhaust valve, and then every 3 sets of integrated tube collector to install an exhaust valve, Exhaust valve to keep warm, to prevent the winter was frozen.