Solar hot water can cook, can drink it?

Update Time:2017/12/9
Many people have such doubts: the water inside the solar energy can drink? Solar experts in this solemn tip: solar hot water is not suitable for cooking, it is not suitable for drinking!
    Hot water heating for a period of time, the water quality will change, resulting in nitrous acid, perennial drinking harm to health! Usually life, hot water is a one-time boil, filled in a thermos, overnight after drinking should not be; and solar water heaters are constantly on the water heating, water in the long-term high temperature, the average person can not guarantee that day The same day running out, it is easy to accumulate solar energy Chen Shui, re-heated water, water quality will deteriorate, long-term consumption harmful to the body;
    And under normal circumstances, the solar water can not always be maintained at 100 ℃, are "half-life water", sterilization is not complete, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on. Therefore, whether it is food-grade liner, add filters, or to meet certain drinking standards, because the water itself after two or more heating, are not suitable for drinking.
    In addition, the solar water heater liner belong to metal objects, if not cleaning for a long time, it may produce pollution; and a wide range of solar water heaters, including some of the more poor liner material solar water heaters, heavy metal content will be exceeded after heating. Therefore, experts advise consumers not to drink water directly from solar water heaters, while raising domestic animals, laundry, washing vegetables is another matter, you can rest assured that use.