Solar water heater Design Requirements

Update Time:2018/8/9
Design, furnish and install new solar water heating (SHW) systems for the heating of domestic water.   The solar water heating system offsets the use of natural gas, propane or electricity  by preheating water before the conventional domestic hot water system.  System types incorporating both freeze-protection and overheat protection are required.  Freeze protection is not required if climate is non-freezing, but overheat protection required in all systems.  Supplied equipment must be rated and warranted to withstand and operate under lowest-record-low and highest-record-high temperature for the location.  It is often the intent to use the system  for educational purposes related to the benefits and use of renewable energy, so appearance and quality are considerations in design decisions.

Solar collectors are to be mounted on the roof or on the ground as suitable for the type of SHW system and needs and limitation of the building and site.  System must be of a type suitable to the climate of the site.  For systems proposed not under passive control, control each system by a simple differential temperature controller.  Provide a separate solar water heating system for each building unit designated.  Each of the solar systems is to incorporate the existing electric water heating system as its auxiliary subsystem.  In the event that the existing electric water heater is in need of repair or replacement, the contractor may propose to repair or replace the electric water heater under the scope of this project. 

Include with each system, components that consist of a solar collector array, array support structure, storage tank, interconnecting piping and fittings, tempering mixing valve, flush-and-fill valves, pressure relief valves,and as required by the system type, any necessary pumps, controls or heat exchangers, as well as all other accessories and equipment required for the proper operation of the solar system.

Include with system all labor, supervision, equipment inside and outside the building, tools, materials and incidentals necessary to design, procure, install, checkout and place into operation a complete solar water heating system ready for use for the building.