Supports for Solar Collector Array

Update Time:2018/8/15

Provide support structure for the collector array of  aluminum, stainless steel, or other corrosion-resistant approved material .  Furnish a support structure which secures the collector array at the proper tilt angle with respect to horizontal and orientation with respect to true south.  Consideration should be made to mounting collectors parallel to the pitched roofs.  The collector tilt angle may vary by +/- 25 degrees, and the azimuthal angle may vary by +/-45% from the optimal tilt and azimuth.  Provide a support structure that will withstand the static weight of filled collectors and piping, wind, seismic, and other anticipated loads without damage.  For heavy  systems, such as integral storage collectors, provide structural reinforcement for the roof across at least four rafters and provide verification that the structural modifications proposed are satisfactory.  Provide a support structure which allows access to all equipment for maintenance, repair, and replacement.  Neoprene or EPDM washers shall separate all dissimilar metals.  Depending on system type, supports for solar array could terminate in ballast blocks to avoid roof penetrations.