How to maintain solar water heater

Update Time:2020-06-03
1. Whether it is a flat plate collector or a vacuum tube collector, the solar energy is obtained through the effective lighting area. Therefore, under the same large collector outer ring area, the larger the effective lighting area, the solar energy obtained The more, the less.

2. The effective hot water volume of solar water heater refers to how much effective hot water can be obtained by solar system every day, and the hot water can be released and used. It is called effective hot water. The hot water that cannot be released is invalid. The effective hot water volume of the system is also very different. The effective hot water volume of the flat system board is greater than that of the vacuum tube system.

3. Flat solar water heaters work outdoors, withstand the sun, wind, rain, etc., the operating environment is relatively harsh. If you can pay attention to it when you use it, clever arrangement and use of the time and amount of water supply will effectively increase the efficiency of the water heater, and will achieve a multiplier effect.

4. If it can be properly maintained, it can also effectively extend the life of the water heater. After the water heater is installed and fixed, non-professionals should not easily move or unload it to avoid damage to key components. No debris should be placed around the water heater to eliminate the hidden danger of hitting the vacuum tube. Regularly check the vent holes to ensure smooth flow, so as not to swell or deflate the water tank.