Introduction and Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet Heat Pipe Solar

Issue Time:2017-07-25
Xiaobian has introduced to you before the advantages and disadvantages of flat-panel solar water heaters, in fact, relative to the flat solar water heaters, there is a flat heat pipe solar water heater better use some. The following and Shanghai magnesium double Lotus solar Xiaobian together to understand what is the flat-panel heat pipe solar water heater and its advantages and disadvantages it!
  Flat heat pipe solar water heater is a hot tube instead of ordinary flat plate in the water pipe. The working fluid inside the heat pipe can use antifreeze liquid. The longitudinal fins are welded on both sides of the evaporation section of the heat pipe, and the fins and heat pipes are coated with selective coatings to absorb solar radiation. Heat pipe through the coating and metal pipe into the inside of the heat pipe, the heat pipe inside the working fluid heat vaporization, the steam into the heat pipe cooling section of the heat release of heat Water tank in the water, the steam condensed into a liquid and then back to the evaporative section of the heat pipe to accept the sun heat to vaporize into steam, and then into the condensate section to release heat, so repeated cycle.
Compared with the general flat-panel solar water heater. Flat-type heat pipe solar water heater has the following benefits
1, the plate heat pipe solar water heaters are generally gravity heat siphon. It has a one-way thermal characteristics, that is, the heat can only lead from the evaporation section of the condensation section, and not from the condensation section to the evaporation section, so in the north Area when the night outside the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature inside the tank, the heat will not be dispersed from the tank through the heat pipe to the external environment;
2, the working fluid of the heat pipe can be used antifreeze in the northern cold areas can avoid the winter because of the temperature is too low and freeze heat pipe;
3, each heat pipe is an independent heat pipe components. A single heat pipe if the distortion can be replaced, and the system has nothing to do, so the installation and maintenance are more convenient, long service life. The same time as
Heat pipe flat solar water heater is the disadvantage of high prices, in order to improve heat transfer efficiency, heat pipe and fins is best to use copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, which increased manufacturing costs. If the use of carbon steel as heat pipe and fin material, the price may be similar to the general flat-panel solar water heater.
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