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Solar water heater and solar power integration is the future development of the road
Issue Time:2017-10-14
     Because of the particularity of solar energy, solar energy and auxiliary energy complement each other, only to achieve the thermal utilization of solar engineering, commercialization. This is the only way for the commercialization of solar energy, is the product from the "poverty alleviation" to "well-off" commodity transformation of the only way. Light and heat, photoelectric and wind energy are renewable energy, although clean, large but not stable. Optoelectronics, wind energy has been able to quickly commercialize, get the country's attention, because there is a complementary national grid to the national grid as a carrier, he is a stable commercial energy. Solar thermal utilization must also be household heating systems, residential and regional heating and cooling system as the carrier, making it a stable commercial alternative energy. So the heat and heat also need the carrier - auxiliary energy, rather than solar energy alone, whether it is household or residential projects, which is the only way to achieve the commercialization of solar thermal.
      The solar water heater photoelectric integration, mainly solar water heaters as the main body, with its stent-based, stent and two wings south can be designed photoelectric components, the equivalent of solar water heaters with two wings, with the combination of distributed photovoltaic, with LED Light for home lighting, household appliances to provide electricity. To this end to the design of a new type of solar thermal, optoelectronic combination of household products, which should be feasible, which China's vast rural areas and no electricity, power shortage of young and old areas is undoubtedly a good product, which is The implementation of the country's proposed distributed photovoltaic policy specific implementation plan. This is the solar water heater can be combined with photovoltaic, to achieve heat and power.