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The advantages of Vacuum tube solar water heater

Issue Time:2018-01-04
Solar water heater vacuum tube is the core components of solar water heaters, which is hailed as the "heart" of solar water heaters, the quality of the vacuum tube has a direct impact on the service life and performance of solar water heaters, so today Xiaobian explain solar water heaters for you Vacuum tube solar water heater.
Vacuum tube solar water heater solar water heater project
     The rapid development of solar energy industry has also led to the development of vacuum tube business, on the one hand is patented technology around the vacuum tube in constant innovation, the other hand, the vacuum tube business and production lines have mushroomed in recent years as the increase. Vacuum tube solar water heater is a collector solar water heater, it is widely used, factories, hotels, sauna bathing, swimming pools, aquaculture, schools, military units and other types of enterprises and institutions to provide domestic hot water with excellent select. The product is of high quality and adopts the all-glass vacuum tube which is popular in Europe and the United States. It is resistant to thermal shock and frost and has good thermal insulation performance. The vacuum tube is connected with the water tank and has three flanges with "O" shape for reliable performance and less heat loss. The gall bladder is made of imported SUS304-2B stainless steel plate and is made of composite material or polyurethane foam insulation. The hot water provided by the product can be used around the clock and can be equipped with the heat pump auxiliary electric heating device or the fuel (gas) hot water heater device with reliable performance Insulation tank to maintain hot water warm program, to achieve morning and evening rainy days as usual and hot water supply.
   Vacuum tube solar water heater is a new non-polluting emissions, energy saving new hot water supply system. The hot water system in life can not be missed, is a common daily electrical appliances. So, in today's environment to promote energy-saving environmental protection, how we choose energy saving, safe and convenient water heater, is the preferred water heater conditions.