Water heater industry development trend - solar water heaters become mainstream

Issue Time:2019-04-30
The development of water heaters has a long history. From traditional electric water heaters and gas water heaters to current solar water heaters, electric water heaters and gas water heaters have all been smashed, and have contributed to improving people's home environment. The emergence of solar water heaters has greatly impacted the traditional water heater market. With its irreplaceable advantages, it has quickly gained people's favor. The trend of becoming a mainstream water heater is unstoppable.
 Safety advantages, electric water heaters have been popular because of convenience and speed, but when the electric water heater works, the water and electricity are not separated, the safety hazard is relatively large, and electric leakage accidents are easy to occur. In addition, the traditional water heater hot water storage device is indoors, and there are certain hidden dangers of burns. The solar water heater is very good to avoid these safety hazards.
    Economic advantage, this is what we can most intuitively see. Traditional water heaters require constant cost for electricity or gas. At present, no one is going to charge you with solar energy. As a regular use of living equipment, it costs a lot of time. It is a big expense.
    The advantage of hot water production, there is an authoritative statistics is such that the solar water heater is calculated according to the annual average temperature of 15.7 ° C, the annual sunshine hours of 2014 hours, and the total solar radiation total of 111.59 kcal / square meter. The area is 2 square meters, the annual absorption of solar radiation energy is 9.37×106 kJ, calculated by increasing the water temperature by 35°C (basic water temperature 10°C), and can provide 53.5 tons of domestic hot water (45°C) throughout the year. Every time a person takes 50 kg of hot water for bathing, 1070 people can be washed in the whole year, and an average of 2.93 person-times per day can be washed.
    The most important thing is that the traditional water heater has been completely formed, and the advantages and disadvantages have been finalized, and there is not much room for improvement. Solar water heaters are still evolving, such as the intelligentization of control systems and the introduction of auxiliary heating functions. The continuous development makes solar water heaters more and more competitive. These developments are constantly eliminating the defects of solar water heaters compared with traditional water heaters, and further highlighting their original advantages. It is an inevitable trend to develop into the mainstream of water heater industry.