How many years can solar water heaters be used?

Issue Time:2020-10-07
The life span of solar water heaters is related to the inner tank. There are many kinds of inner tanks, such as crystal liner, stainless steel liner, Jingui liner, and titanium porcelain liner. Among them, the titanium porcelain liner is the best, and the service life is as long as ten. Five years. If used improperly, the life span will be shortened.
1. The temperature of the air-energy water heater is between 35°C and 55°C. If you feel that the temperature of the outlet water is different from the temperature controlled by yourself, check whether the temperature sensing device is normal.
2. Do not use gasoline, thinner or other chemicals around the air-energy water heater, which will easily cause the parts to crack, deform, etc.
3. When there is a problem with the machine, do not directly repair it yourself. You need to contact the after-sales service personnel and let a dedicated person repair it.
4. Do not place debris on the air outlet on the top of the air energy water heater. In winter, the air-conditioning needs to come out from the air outlet. If it is blocked, the air outlet is likely to be damaged.
5. If you do not use air for a long time, you need to stop the power supply, drain the water from the water pipe, and then check whether the whole machine is running normally.
6. Do not place debris around the machine. The main energy source of the air-energy water heater is air. The machine needs sufficient air to absorb heat to heat the water and produce air-conditioning.
The above are the 6 ways to extend the life of air-energy water heaters, requiring users to pay attention to regular cleaning and management of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.