Several common faults and maintenance methods of solar water heaters

Mar 2,2021
1. Trouble phenomenon: water tank overflows

Reasons: a. The solenoid valve is out of order and cannot be closed.

b. The cold and hot water pipes are connected in series, and the pressure of cold water is high, and the hot water pipe flows into the water tank, causing overflow.

C. The sensor fails and can only display the low water level, causing the illusion that the water is always on.

Repair method:  a. Replace the solenoid valve.

b. Check whether the valves of the user's double faucet, electric water heater, gas water heater, etc. are closed properly.

c. Replace the sensor.

2. Trouble phenomenon: the water tank is not full of water

Reasons: a. The solenoid valve wire is broken or blocked or malfunctioning.

b. The cold water pressure is not enough.

C. The sensor fails and always displays the highest water level, causing the illusion that it is full of water.

d. The water inlet pipe is blocked.

Maintenance method: a. Connect the solenoid valve line or remove the obstruction, and replace the solenoid valve.

b. Install a water pump or raise the user's water storage tank.

c. Replace the sensor.

d. Dredge the water inlet pipe.
3. Trouble phenomenon: solar water heater leaks

Reasons: a. Corrosion and aging of the tank liner.

b. The sealing ring at the junction of the vacuum tube and the water tank is aging.

C. The vacuum tube is broken.

d. The water inlet and outlet pipes are aging, causing disconnection or rupture.

Repair method: a. Replace the water tank.

b. Replace the sealing ring.

c. Replace the vacuum tube.

d. Reconnect the water inlet and outlet pipes or replace with new pipes.

4. Trouble phenomenon: the water is not hot in sunny days

Reasons: a. Insufficient lighting. (Solar energy is facing the wrong direction or has obstructions, smoke and dust pollution, etc.)

b. The water supply valve or solenoid valve is not closed tightly. (Cold water enters the water tank and the water is not hot)

c. There is a lot of dirt in the vacuum tube.

Maintenance method: a. Solve the influence of light. (Make the solar energy face south, remove obstructions, smoke and dust)

b. Replace the water supply valve or solenoid valve.

c. Descale the vacuum tube.
5. Trouble phenomenon: poor hot water output, small water output

Reasons: a. There is a falling slope, and the pipeline has high points or air closure.

b. The height of the hot water drop is not enough.

c. The pipeline is blocked by debris.

d. The hot water outlet pipe is small.

Maintenance method: a. Eliminate downsides, local high points or exhaust.

b. Raise the solar water heater.

c. Eliminate debris and dredge the pipeline.

d. Increase the diameter of the outlet pipe.

6. Trouble phenomenon: no hot water in winter

Reasons: a. Frozen water pipes.

b. The water pipes are frozen and cracked.

Maintenance method: a. It can be automatically dredged after the temperature rises. (Adopt anti-freezing measures: dripping anti-freezing, emptying anti-freezing)

b. Replace with new pipes.

7. Trouble phenomenon: water does not heat up when using electric heating

Reasons: a. Poor contact between the terminal and the electric heater.

b. The electric heater burns out and the power is automatically cut off.

c. The intelligent controller that controls the electric heating is damaged.

Remedy: a. Press tightly the electric heating connection wire terminal connector.

b. Replace the electric heater.

c. Replace the intelligent controller of solar water heater.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to use electric heating without water, and there should be more than half a tank of water in the solar water tank before starting the electric heater.

8. Intelligent controller for solar water heater

Trouble phenomenon: (1) No display of temperature and water level

Reasons: a. The sensor cable is broken.

b. The sensor is damaged.

c. The intelligent controller of the solar water heater is damaged.

Repair method: a. Connect the sensor line.

b. Replace the sensor.

c. Replace the intelligent controller of solar water heater.

Trouble phenomenon: (2) No self-check, no display, or random display after power-on

Reasons: a. Insufficient voltage or poor contact.

Repair method: a. Unplug the power plug, check the voltage, and reconnect the power source.

Trouble phenomenon: (3) Display ?--℃, 20% water level and 100% water level indicator lights are on at the same time.

Reasons: a. The plug is in poor contact, reversed or disconnected.

b. Damaged by lightning

Maintenance method: a. Reconnect the sensor and the display according to the red color code.

b. Replace the solar water heater intelligent controller.

Trouble phenomenon: (4) Display LD indicator light is on

Reasons: a. There is leakage phenomenon.

Maintenance method: a. Check the electrical wiring