Classification of solar water heaters

Update Time:2017/8/28
The benefits of solar water heaters are obvious. Energy saving, environmental protection, safety. For its structure, the general can be divided into the following categories:
    1, from the collector part to sub:
    Vacuum glass tube solar water heater: the highest heat absorption efficiency of the collector part, it has the advantage of not in the collector part of the increase in the insulation layer, and now the vacuum glass tube, whether in high temperature, anti-impact and insulation, Performance is first class, but also by most of the solar water heater manufacturers used. The disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large, easy to build scale in the tube.
    Metal flat solar water heater: the heat transfer performance of the metal sheet, covering the endothermic coating, the use of metal heat transfer, the heat will be absorbed in the water tank. Its somewhat beautiful appearance, easy installation, can be made flat, and not easy to damage. Disadvantages are: insulation to spend a lot of cost, high cost, indirect is to increase the burden on consumers;
    2, from the structure to classification:
    Ordinary solar water heater: the vacuum glass tube is directly inserted into the water tank, the use of heated water cycle, making the water tank in the water temperature rise, which is currently used by manufacturers. Is also a popular to the most conventional water heater. General class water heater only the top layer can be used, unless the top users and your relationship downstairs special iron :), and the roof area is limited.
    Split water heater: split water heater is to solve the top user can not use solar water heater and the birth. There are two kinds of split-type cycle, one is the natural circulation of water, this heat exchanger heat exchange efficiency is very low, far can not meet the water requirements; the other is by pump circulation heat exchange, which is to solve the natural cycle efficiency Low problem, the use of pump cycles, can significantly improve the heat exchange of water.
    3, from the tank pressure to points:
    Pressure-type solar water heaters: At present, no matter what kind of split water heater, there is a fatal flaw, you must use pressurized water tank, which is the basic idea of ​​all split water heater, which directly test your collector part Of the sealing performance; there are very high cost of manufacturing pressurized water tanks, there are security problems, the general requirements of pressure 7 atmospheres; and the cycle effect is not very satisfactory. Although it solves the problem of water circulation and the convenience of using water.
    Non-pressurized solar water heaters: currently installed in the roof of the ordinary solar water heaters are non-pressurized water heaters, and its water tank has a pipe connected with the atmosphere, is the use of roof and home height drop, the use of water pressure. Its safety, cost, service life than the pressure type is much more significant. Unfortunately the roof is limited :)
    See this, I believe that friends about the solar water heater has a preliminary understanding, then why not produce a combination of the above advantages of the balcony split solar water heater. Both easy to install, not pressure, cheap. The advantages of this water heater is: to solve the pressure water tank manufacturing costs are high, the high price shortcomings; due to the use of non-pressure water tank, safety performance has also been greatly improved; tube internal use, forced water circulation system, Good to improve the heat exchange of water, so that in a limited light time, the water temperature has been greatly improved; host all installed in the factory inspection, to solve the general solar water heater on-site installation (installation quality depends on the level of installation workers) Of the defects; the use of modular assembly, according to the length of their own balcony to choose one, two or three. At present there are manufacturers have begun to produce this balcony non-pressure solar water heater.