Performance and Quality of Flat Solar Collector

Update Time:2017/9/27
In order to improve the performance and quality of flat solar collectors, it is necessary to improve its thermal performance, but also to improve its durability, reliability, and even to improve its appearance quality. Now the main way to improve product performance and quality is summarized as follows:
1 attention to the flat panel solar collector heat board optimization design, taking into account the material, thickness, diameter. Pipe spacing, tube and board connection and other factors on the thermal performance, in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the heat absorption plate;
2 improve and improve the heat treatment board processing technology, between the tube and the board or between the different materials to reduce the thermal resistance
To the extent of neglect to improve the collector efficiency factor;
3 research and development for flat solar collectors selective absorption coating, to have a high solar absorption ratio, low emissivity, strong weather resistance, the heat absorption plate heat loss to a minimum;
4 attention to the transparent cover and the distance between the heat board to optimize the design to ensure that the flat panel solar collector frame processing and assembly of the strict pieces of the collector air convection heat loss to a minimum;
5 use the low thermal conductivity of the channel material as a flat solar collector at the bottom and side of the insulation layer to ensure adequate thickness, the flat solar collector heat transfer loss to a minimum;
6 Use a high solar transmission ratio of the cover glass. Specializing in the production of low-iron flat glass for solar collectors;
7 research and development of flat solar solar collectors for the anti-reflective coating, as much as possible to improve the transparent cover solar transmission ratio;
8 For flat-panel solar collectors used in cold areas, it is generally recommended to use double-sided transparent cover or transparent honeycomb insulation material to suppress convection and radiant heat loss between the transparent cover and the heat sink as much as possible.
9 to improve the processing quality of flat solar panels, to ensure that the collector can withstand pressure, boring sun, within the heat shock test and other tests;
10 to improve the quality of the plate solar collector parts, processing quality and assembly quality, to ensure that flat solar collectors may withstand rain, air, strength.