Solar energy: gushing out is the time

Issue Time:2017-05-22
My Government attaches great importance to solar energy the development and utilization of , formulated the "Renewable Energy Law " and a series of regulations and policy measures to promote the solar energy utilization rapid development of . At present, China has become the world's largest for solar collectors manufacturing center , solar collector promotion area of to reach a total 9,000 square meters, accounting the world's total for 60% of , covering 40 million households of about 1.5 billion people.
In addition , our in solar energy use of technology the field of has great breakthrough , mainly solar thermal , solar water heating , solar photovoltaic cells of three techniques. Solar photovoltaic technology started in the 20th century, 70 years, mainly for space technology, and then gradually expanded to the ground and the formation of China's photovoltaic industry. At present, China has installed of photovoltaic power station about 50,000 kilowatts , the main for the remote areas residents of power supply .
In promoting solar photovoltaic power plant the construction of at the same time , China's solar water heating technology has made great progress , the city residents to buy solar water heaters increased annually , the western part of the provincial and municipal governments has produced a solar stove , and all for free distribution to the arid mountain Farmers and herdsmen .