Why can not hold the owners of solar water heaters

Issue Time:2017-05-24
According to newspaper reports, a lawyer in Guangzhou match wits owners and residential security, and finally painstakingly, will be transported into the cell door of solar water heaters. Why Property Management Office bored with the owners to install solar water heaters to block it? Answer all likelihood "will affect the installation of high-rise residential collector appearance." What a "unsightly"!
"China Renewable Energy Law" Article 17: The State encourages units and individuals to install and use solar water heating systems, solar heating and cooling systems, solar photovoltaic systems, solar energy systems; real estate development enterprises should be According to the technical specifications provided in the building design and construction, to provide necessary conditions for the use of solar energy; of the completed buildings, tenants can not affect the quality andSecurityUnder the premise installed in accordance with technical specifications and product standards utilization of solar energy systems. "Guangdong Province, public and residential building design and construction of solar hot water system integration and acceptance of order" (draft) is only installed on the collector as strong as the standards were strict rules and seepage, no mention of the landscape and the so-called misuse of public space.
The building has been built, the owners can install the products meet the technical specifications and standards for solar collectors, they do not affect the quality and safety to the roof. Property management side to "affect the appearance of high-rise residential" as an excuse to block owners to install solar collectors is no legal basis.
Tropic of Cancer crosses the middle of Guangdong, is the light and heat resources, especially rich province, environmentally clean solar energy resources stood not, try to use the electric water heater or gas water heater, on the one hand the loss of green energy in vain, on the other hand increasing the energy shortages, increased living costs.
Large-scale use of solar energy resources, can inhibit the city's "heat island", the speed of global warming hysteresis, the extent alleviate the energy shortage and reduce the cost of living, avoid improper use of electric water heaters or gas water heater caused by security incidents. The Government should adopt a similar "trade", "home appliances", "car to the countryside" move, install solar collectors on the residents to give some subsidies can also be the form of subsidies or tax breaks to force the development Commercial solar hot water system and to promote integration of the main building works, so that not only solves the majority of private owners take the random access of unsightly problem, but also solve the problem of leakage of heat insulation of buildings, but also the full realization of the intensive use of solar energy.
For property management, their duties would have to pursue is to create conditions for the owners to facilitate green living, so the owners can not willfully obstruct the use of solar energy. After all, this was contrary to reason and to law situation.