Why not install solar water heater?

Issue Time:2017-05-26
Mansions day capital of the owners, "Magic Love honely" Q: I would like to install a solar energy, property owners, said the Commission should be established before it can, ask the Court the next day when the wind industry, the Commission can set up ah?
Reporter inquired: Days capital property, said a staff member, not to say that the establishment of the industry, the Commission can install solar water heater. Can not be installed because: The whole day is the capital of French architecture, the roof is very small, not suitable for installation. If the owners unauthorized installation may result in 
Leaky roof, falling objects and so on, into a security risk. Please owners understand.
As for the industry, the Commission established conditions, according to "Zhejiang Property Management Regulations" Article VIII, one of the following conditions to be established, industry, the Commission: (a) houses for sale and delivery of construction area per cent of total construction area of property Sixty or more; (b) the first set of houses for sale and delivery of full two years, and houses for sale and delivery of the construction area of property of more than thirty percent of the total area.