Solar water heater tank

Issue Time:2017-05-15
Technical features and parameter for the spit pressurirzed storage water tank:
1)      The size of top cover:ø560mm, the bottom cover: ø560mm, with curving supporting feet.
2)      the color of two covers : silver;  the external/shell tank:milky white.
3)      the appearance for storage water tank :smoothness, shining,no sagging and scratching
stainless , unexfoliated
4)       the material of internal tank:stainless steel food-level SUS 304 ,Thickness:1.5mm;
the outer tank:color-painted iron plate,thickness:0.55mm
the material of body`s insulation:polyurethane foaming,thickness:45mm
the material of top `s insulation:polyurethane foaming,thickness:50mm
the material of bottom `s insulation:polyurethane foaming,thickness:20mm
5)      the material of above part of heat exchanger: ET-copper ,specifications:ø12*1mm,length:15meter,the length is normally fixed . If customer have some special requirement,manufacturer could do it made- to-order.The material of below part of heat exchanger: ET copper ,specifications:ø12*1mm,length:15meter.The length is normally fixed .If customer have some special requirment, manufacturer could do it made-to-order.
6)      The test pressure of intenal tank:1.2Mpa; at the same time ,it can sustain the value of pressure for 20 minutes with non-deforming appearance.
7)      The test pressure of copper coils:2.5~2.9Mpa; at the time ,it can sustain the value of perssure for 20 minutes with non-deforming appearance.
8)      The actual angle for left and right of open porosity`s line :90°and now it is 180°just for people`s convenient suyveying the structural drawing.
Package:the size:645mm * 645mm * 1600mm.Internal cushioning packaging: two set of covering foams and one set of middle foam, three sets in all