Other principles for solar water heater engineering collector settings

Issue Time:2019-05-28
After introducing several principles of solar water heating project setup, let us talk about the other principles of solar water heater project collector setting, that is, pay attention to those places.

   (1) The solar water heating project collector can be placed on the porch panel on the building porch in the courtyard or on the shade, or it can be placed on the floating board on the roof of the building and other parts that are allowed to receive sunlight. The designer should creatively consider the location of the installation • and meet the technical requirements of the solar hot water engineering system including collector settings when setting up

(2) Solar collectors installed on building walls, balconies, parapet walls, and cloaks to prevent the rusting of metal brackets and metal anchoring members on the building walls, especially on light-colored balconies and exterior walls. Pollution • Architectural design should strengthen the technical treatment of rust prevention or take effective technical measures to prevent metal rust water from causing pollution that is difficult to clean on walls and balconies.

    (3) Solar water heater engineering collectors installed on building walls, balconies, parapet walls, and cloaks, in order to prevent damage and injury, the building design position takes protective measures. For example, carefully designing guardrails, provoking or planting lawns or greening under the device collectors makes it difficult for personnel to get close, avoiding damage to the collectors and injuring passers-by.