What is the boring sun in the solar water heating project?

Issue Time:2019-05-28
1 Flat-plate solar collectors are installed outside the collector according to the orientation and inclination of the working operation. The collector is filled with heat transfer medium. The ambient temperature is ≥15 °C, and the collector's lighting plane is accepted throughout the day. Under the condition that the solar radiation amount is ≥16747kj/m2, Id is placed, and the heat transfer medium is heated to the highest temperature of the day, and the damage and deformation of the collector are checked, and then the withstand voltage test is performed.

2 All-glass vacuum solar collector tube should be tested according to the national standard GB/T 17049-2005 "all-glass vacuum solar collector" to detect the most irritating sun exposure. The test conditions are solar irradiance G≥800W/m2, ambient temperature 8°C≤L≤30°C, and all-glass vacuum solar collector tube uses water as heat transfer medium. When the water temperature is equal to the ambient temperature, the smouldering to water temperature is detected. Rise 35X: The sun exposure required is the most.