How to judge the quality and durability of the bracket of solar water heater

Issue Time:2020-01-04

Solar water heaters are water heaters that we often use every day. Generally, some rural areas are installed on the roof, and some solar water heaters are installed on the balcony. The quality of solar water heaters determines the quality of our bathing life. For solar water heaters, most people pay more attention to the main parts such as collectors, water tanks, etc. In fact, there are some parts that need special attention. For example, the quality of the solar water heater bracket must be good and durable.
First, the bracket design of a domestic solar water heater should be reasonable, and it should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure sufficient bearing capacity. In some areas where daily wind is large, especially in coastal areas, you should also pay attention to whether the product is designed to be wind resistant when choosing a domestic solar water heater.

Second, from the perspective of materials, the steel plate bracket is definitely better than the aluminum alloy bracket. The advantages of aluminum alloy brackets are that they do not rust and do not corrode; the disadvantages are that they are not strong enough, and they are easy to distort or even collapse under load under heavy wind. Steel plate brackets are generally cold-rolled, hot-dip galvanized, and then baked or spray-painted. As long as the galvanized layer does not fall off, the paint layer or plastic sprayed layer will not rust, so the steel plate bracket has excellent anti-corrosion performance, no problem after 10 years of use, good strength, and easy to fix.