Can solar water heater used in winter

Jan 4,2020
The temperature in winter is lowered, and the solar water heater works outdoors. It has been subjected to wind, sun, rain, etc. for a long time. The operating environment is relatively harsh. It is a high season for solar water heater failure, and the fault that is more likely to occur is the freezing or freezing of the outdoor water pipes. crack. In order to ensure the normal use of users, Xianke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. reminds users to pay attention to the use and maintenance skills of solar energy in winter.

(1) Pay attention to the antifreeze winter
Because the solar water heater vacuum tube is vacuum, it will not be frozen, and the water tank will be insulated and will not be frozen. However, if the pipeline is not thick enough to be insulated or aging for a long time, especially in the bend, over the wall, etc., it is easy to freeze. At this time, on the one hand, it is necessary to do a good job of heat preservation. On the one hand, it is necessary to install an electric heating cable to prevent freezing in a part exposed to the outside. In addition, if the solar energy in winter is not used for a long time, please close the water supply valve, vent the water in the water heater and the upper and lower pipelines to prevent freezing of the pipeline. If the indoor environment is lower than 0 °C, the indoor pipe fittings, valves, nozzles and other parts should be kept warm to prevent freezing cracks.
In the cold winter area, the outdoor pipeline may be blocked by freezing (there is no water or knowing that there is water in the water tank but it cannot be put down). If the installed heating cable is installed, please enable it to prevent freezing and freezing of the pipeline, but after thawing Closed in time; users who do not have the heating cable should use up the hot water in the evening, get water before the sun in the morning, or connect a water basin under the nozzle or water outlet, open the mixing valve to slowly drip the water in the water tank of the water heater. The water basin, the flow of water inside the tube will prevent freezing (commonly known as dripping antifreeze). If no anti-freezing measures are taken, the pipeline is frozen and blocked. After the temperature rises, it can be automatically cleared. However, multiple freezes can easily cause the pipeline to freeze. The temperature rise of solar water heaters is closely related to the received light intensity, illumination time, solar wavelength, irradiation amount, wind speed and water capacity. In winter, the sun is not strong, the illumination time is short, and the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the vacuum tube is greatly reduced. In order to obtain a relatively satisfactory water temperature and exert a large benefit of solar energy, the amount of water can be determined according to the tank capacity and the weather forecast.

(2) Tips to get more hot water
When the temperature is lower than -5 °C in winter, the water in the water heater is used several times a day. In winter, dust increases and the amount of rain is small. Snow or dust covering the collector will reduce the heat collection efficiency. If necessary, wipe the vacuum tube to increase the heat collection efficiency.
According to the weather conditions, the amount of water can be determined, and a satisfactory water temperature can be obtained. After the shower at night, if there is half of the hot water near 50-70 degrees Celsius in the water tank, in order to prevent the heat from being lost too much (the less the water, the faster the heat is lost. ), the next day is like a sunny day, full of water; the next day, like a rainy day, then another 1/3 of the water. When bathing in the morning and evening, if the water in the solar water heater is used up, it still needs hot water. At this time, you can take a few minutes of cold water, use the principle of sinking in the cold water and floating the hot water to push out the hot water in the vacuum tube. I can take a shower.

(3) Less trouble with proper use
The use environment and user habits have a great impact on the failure rate and service life of solar energy. Even in the harsh winter, water can not be replenished immediately after drying in the water tank. In order to prevent the explosion of the tube, it must be taken before the sun rises and after two hours of falling. In the cold regions of the north, it is necessary to install a heating cable in the winter and use the heating cable properly. When installing the heating cable, you must pay attention to the heating cable provided by the original Linuoruite brand with the Norit logo to ensure normal use and reduce hidden dangers. When using the heating cable, pay attention to the timely shutdown after thawing, and try not to use it when the voltage is unstable. When using auxiliary electric heating, pay special attention to the water supply. The water in the water tank should be no less than 50% to prevent dry burning. Always cut off the power when taking a bath. The windy weather will fill the solar energy with water to increase the wind resistance and load-bearing capacity of the water heater, and disconnect the electric heating, instrumentation and other power sources; the use of solar energy is prohibited in thunderstorms to ensure personal safety.