How to clean the scale of the solar water heater

Issue Time:2020-04-24
1. First put all the water in the water tank, and then hold the vacuum tube with your hands and turn it back and forth. When the sealing ring on the vacuum tube and the water tank is loose, push it into the water tank. When the vacuum tube is completely loose, you can pull it out of the water tank.

2. Discard the water in the vacuum tube, and the scale will come out with the water. The scale in the vacuum tube is mixed with the water, which is different from the thermos. The scale in the thermos is stuck to the vacuum tube. Next, pour some clean water into the vacuum tube and rinse it, so that the vacuum tube is cleaned several times, and each vacuum tube is cleaned in turn. Then check whether the sealing ring on each vacuum tube of the water tank is complete There is no shortage, if there is damage, a new seal should be replaced to prevent the water in the water tank from leaking from the vacuum tube seal.

3. Next, fill the water tank with water. When water flows out from the vacuum tube, install the vacuum tube to the water tank one by one. The work of cleaning the scale is completed. To regularly clean the scale in the solar water heater, it is usually decided according to the local water quality, and it is not necessary to clean it too often.

4. In daily life, everyone should pay attention to the use of solar water heaters. When the water temperature in the water tank is lower than 75 degrees, it is not easy to produce scale, so in summer or spring and autumn, it depends on the weather conditions. Sufficient, the water in the water tank should be added as needed, so that the water temperature will drop with the tap water filling, to avoid the generation of scale.

Solar water heaters are a kind of water heater products with high usage rate in real life, so you should know more about solar water heaters. Above we learned how often to clean the solar water heater and how to clean the scale of the solar water heater, so that if you use the solar water heater at home, you must learn more about the above knowledge to improve the ability to use.