Is the flat panel solar water heater good?

May 23,2020
1. Flat-plate solar collector plate with all-copper core chrome-plated layer or titanium-plated layer, high heat absorption rate, low reflectivity, high efficiency heat conduction medium, all copper tube closed medium circulation, coil design, fully improved heat exchange efficiency. The unique pressure-injected polyurethane foam insulation layer (excluding CFC) of the flat solar water tank is high-density, pollution-free, long-lasting insulation, and the insulation effect is more durable. The collector uses advanced insulation materials to prevent heat dissipation as much as possible.

2. The shell of the flat solar collector is made of marine-grade aluminum alloy sheet, which protects the entire system from the external bad weather such as acid rain and other corrosion. Special glaze layer, built-in magnesium anode rod to prevent corrosion. The temperature difference cycle, fully automatic control, when the rainy day, the auxiliary energy is realized by the controller to supplement the heat energy and maintain the water temperature. 24,365 days, hot water is constant.

3. The unique medium circulation technology can provide reliable anti-freeze protection for its products even in cold areas prone to frost (-30 ℃). High thermal efficiency, metal tube plate structure, maintenance-free and cost-effective. The heat collection area is large, 360-degree heating around, without wasting a little sunlight. The main part: including heat collector, copper connector, water tank, auxiliary water tank, bracket circulation pipe, control system, automatic auxiliary heating device, etc.