Purchase skills of flat-plate solar water heater

Jun 3,2020
1. When we choose solar water heaters, we should pay attention to the level of craftsmanship, because solar water heaters need to be used frequently, and if the workmanship is not good, it is prone to leaks. Again.

2. We must look at the information in the purchase of any solar water heater. This is mainly to see whether the solar water heater complies with national standards. We must also look at the qualifications of the merchants. Because the solar water heater market is very chaotic, we must note.

3. We need to understand the output flow of the solar water heater, and also know whether the collector of the solar water heater is normal. In addition, we must check the pipeline interface of the solar water heater, and at the same time, we must see whether the core has been tested for pressure resistance and leakage before leaving the factory. Check, there is a label on the lower right corner of the machine.

4. When we buy solar water heaters, we have to choose the one that suits us. Don't buy large capacity blindly, which will cost a lot of money. Let me tell you a thing, each person needs a maximum of 40 kg of hot water for a bath, and each vacuum tube can heat about 6 kg of water, so you can understand how big a water heater you buy.

5. There are many details to be paid attention to for solar water heaters, especially people living in the north should consider the problem of antifreeze, so when buying, ask the function of antifreeze, and people living in the south should consider whether the product can be used around the clock, because the south Many people are used to taking a bath every day.